Solar Installations

At Tadekiel Global Comapany we specialize in the design and installation of solar electricity power systems for homes, businesses and institutions in Nigeria.
We employ solar installers, engineers, technicians and project managers with years of experience and passion for solar technology.

We install your Solar Home System, you enjoy 24-hours power

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Inverter installations

We can install only the inverter system indoor for you. All installations are based on your required load demand and specifications.

Our Engineers will get in touch to discuss your requirements before installation

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General Repairs and Maintenance

At Tadekiel we carry out repairs and regular maintenance of your solar systems, inverters and installations.

We provide top notch consulting services for the best power options for your establishment. We employ high calibre Engineers to help support our team providing unique alternative power solutions anywhere in the country.

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What we Stand For:

Tadekiel offers clean and affordable solar power options to a market of 2 billion potential customers.

We enables people to replace hazardous and expensive kerosene generators and lanterns with modern solar electricity that can power lights, cellphones, fans, computers, TVs and other compatible small electronic devices- giving you a better living. By offering Solar Power as a Service, Tadekiel offers homes and small businesses a simple and affordable way for alternative power solutions.

At Tadekiel we believe everyone has the right to enjoy a better quality of life offered by access to clean, affordable and reliable electricity.

We make it happen by:

  • Providing access to alternative electricity options with our affordable and efficient solar panel systems and inverters.
  • Providing high-level customer support and technical service.
  • Our solutions are customer target. Each system is designed specifically to each customer's needs
  • Designing durable, energy efficient, worry-free solar power systems, suitable for private usage.

Tadekiel is proud to provide access to clean and affordable energy.

Join us for a brighter future.

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Our approach is simple; we are problem solvers- providing 24/7 electricity solutions to homes and businesses. +2347013520394